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Ascension Q is the title of the work presented on this website which deals with the process of Ascension and related material surrounding Ascension itself. The research involved is explained in a religious and scientific way as described in “The age of Aquarius”. Someone gives us an unique explanation into the meaning behind Ascension and what its purpose is for mankind today. The author of Ascension Q is also an Aquarian which may hold some weight in his involvement toward the Aquarian Age. The home page Ascension Q has pages in the menu entitled “The Wedding”, “The Ring”, “The Tree of Life” and the “Harvest Season” which should be viewed as well as the hyper-linked titles “The Age of Aquarius”, “Leo and Orion”, “Out of Africa”," The Crowning", “Birth Cycles to Ascension”,"Star Consciousness","Star Killers","Aura vs Aurora Borealis", "Chi-Rho",“Golgotha”,"Filament Super Clusters", “The Universe","The Unified Field", "God Brane", “A.I.” , "Fractal Man", "Genesis","Solar Music","The Light Body" and "The Mayan Calendar" and more located at the bottom of the Ascension Q homepage. Several images are displayed in the diagrams to show the complex language involved with Ascension and its process which relates to the human species. The Ascension process is also associated with the 2 Witnesses of Revelations 11 documented in the New Testament of The HOLY BIBLE (see The Bibles Buried Secrets video, pt 2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13)


The hyper-linked words on this site are linked to Wikipedia for a basic description of that word, the history of it and any images associated with the work and the video reference links are to Youtube and Google video. VIEW ALL THE VIDEO REFERENCE LINKS (all videos can be viewed in fullscreen) on this web-site to gain a better understanding and to see the references for what is written on this site. Several of the diagrams on the site have imagery or computer models that were taken from many of these video reference links. Open all links in a new tab or new window and close it out after each review.

The about the writer link above discusses the reasons behind this work and how it came to be.





Ascension is a process in which organic based life forms (such as humans) shed their carbon based bodies ( see Carbon video ) to reveal an invisible, but yet existing spirit, soul or light body ( see Can science seek the soul? video ) (see argument for soul video, pt 2) composed of electromagnetic based energies ( see conscious as EM field ) that have an electrical charge and have an extremely high magnetic field (see Star diagram).


Science is generally resistant to the idea that in the human being there could be a soul or light body above and beyond the physical body, or some entity besides the body and its structures, an entity which survives the death of the body, for the fundamental reason that scientists cannot conceive of any memory or personality traits existing without the support of the brain or the body. Electrical energy is also part of a humans existence and thought process ( see thought as energy video ) which in essence could contain the memory or personality traits of that individual person after death. But what would be the physics behind this? After all, physics is the most basic of all the sciences.



The physics behind this process lies on the grounds of the "Q", which is also known as the

Quantum Continuum ( a dimension where Quantum fluctuation, Quantum mechanics and Quantum physics live ( see Quantum Physics VIDEO ) Certain energies live within this plane of existence as individual entities on a higher plane of existence which is in essence the spiritual layer of the spiritual world explained by Quantum physics-mechanics. The Quantum Continuum was with God in the beginning of time and to ascend into it requires a taste of God and the morals of religious based practices in ones daily life ( see the 8 beatitudes of Jesus )


Religion, of which

spirituality is considered an essential trait, has in the past come in conflict with some of the theories and conclusions of science. Three major areas of conflict are: the time of creation, the manner of creation, and the constitution of the human being, particularly with regard to the question of whether there is anything in the human being, such as the soul, spirit, consciousness ( see Consciousness video--a must see ) or light body, which survives the death of his physical body. Neither religion nor science today can clearly define the intricate design or composition of the human soul, spirit or light body that goes through this process of Ascension.


The Ascension of

Christ (Mark 16:9) is one of the well known descriptions behind the Ascension of the spirit of God into the Quantum Continuum which is also equivalent numerically to the 40 weeks of gestation that it takes for full fetal developement in being " born again" ( Ascended after 40 days )( also 10 months numerically ). This continuum is also known as Heaven which receives the information, memory and personality of the human consciousness and spirit through the protons and electrons that are manifested into that individuals conscious existence. The process is more complex than one would imagine since part of it takes place on a sub-atomic level and the other within space-time itself.



Transfiguration of Christ (Mark:9:1-10) itself would involve part of the Ascension process when biological matter is changed into a conscious manifestation of light energy photons in a collective human form. Science will dispute the claim that this is possible but looking into Quantum physics and the mechanics that are within it we see that energy and matter particles behave in ways that we have yet to understand (see wave and particle video). Without knowing the true nature of energy then how can we claim to know its purpose and meaning behind its own existence?


These energies were created in the beginning with

Genesis ( see Creation video,pt 2,3,4) being the religious start and the Big Bang ( see Creation as Science video pt, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7) being the scientific explanation to the start of the universe. Some religions, in particular like Hinduism, Buddhism, and Taoism have, at least sometimes, claimed to have no particular conflict with science, particularly in the areas of the origins of creation to the universe, earth and man and the manner in which it occurred.


More than likely the Ascension process leads back to the beginning where its future existence eternally lies. Looking at Genesis and the order in which it occurs we read that In the beginning God created the Heaven and the Earth. In other references we read that In the beginning was the

Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.


Our definition of a Word is a combination of

letters placed in a specific order to convey an idea in written language form. Each letter takes on a systematic form in a corresponding alphabet that is composed of all the letters in that written language. The word combination starts as a thought at first produced in the neurons which then fires an electrical charge. Everything in life that we know of so far has a corresponding word that is associated with an idea, an action, a person, a place or a thing.


A word to God which is associated with any living thing and any non living thing is what that thing is composed of from beginning to end. Letters to God are comparable to "A" being an

Atom ( see Atom video:clash of the titans, Atom video:key to the cosmos) "B" being Hydrogen, "C" being Helium, "D" being Oxygen and so forth like building blocks of a celestial and terrestrial alphabet. Other than being compared to letters, these elements can also be comparable to "Tools" used in the engineering of the universe.



theoretical physicist could use this analogy to convey comparisons between religion and science to a point where both explanations for the beginning of the universe could co-exist seeing that they both explain the same thing but just in a different language. The language of God is something that we can assume covers Quantum fluctuations, other dimensions, sub-atomic particles, all the elements and time itself.


If this language lives in the

MIND of God as a thought at FIRST then the big bang is the birth of an idea involving everything that God had created. Having both Gods thoughts of the 6 days of creation and the creation itself side by side to one another is a paradox similar to deja vu. In this sense the 6 days of creation are in the MIND of God and in his perspective the creation took 6 days which overlap the billions of years of creating in our perspective (see God is Real video)( See also Gen Code, pt 2). In examining the scriptures we see that there was darkness and earth was void of any form and heaven and earth only existed as a thought in the mind of God before it was created. The six days of creation mentioned in the Bible is one explanation of the beginning of the universe that science finds hard to grasp.

The 13.7 billion years of the universe can be broken down into 2 billion years or an eon for each of the 6 days of creation. The age of the Earth is measured to be 4 or so billion years old counting backwards from 13.7 billion years which would put it in the area of the end of the 3day going into the  4th day of creation according to Genesis. The first 2 days cover 4 or so billion years which incorporates the development of matter and the separation of the force fields. Having 2 billion years for each day is a total of 12 billion years for each of the 6 days with 1.7 billion years for the 7th day which we're already living in.

In the Bible it mentions that the "spirit"of God was on the face of the "

waters" but it fails to describe what the spirit of God is and what the waters are which cast a reflection of the spirit of God. Through logical reasoning we could concur that the spirit of God concerns all forms of energy and the waters that cast the reflection of God rides on the river of time. God then said "Let there be light" and there was light, (see Let there be light video,pt 2,3,4,5,6,7,8) (Gen:1:3) and so far both explanations in Genesis and the Big Bang produce a massive amount of light in the beginning. The bang or expansion produced sound ( if there was air present ) comparable to the voice of God and then the light followed as a result.


Water was the worlds first

mirror and it can change into 3 different states these being a liquid, a solid, and a gas. Time exists in every atom ( see Cosmic time video ) in the universe and it flows like a river, and according to light speed perspectives things seem to be frozen in it and can completely stops in the perspective of the person moving at those speeds. In order to get a gaseous like state atoms living in time have to be blown ( see E=mc2 ) up to change it into a lighter form of energy called radiation which is also accompanied by other forms of radiation energy as well.


If we look at the order of creation in the Bible we see that water and earth arent created until the third

day which is the day that they are gathered unto one place. The first two days are used to create the light and to separate it from darkness and the other day was used to make barriers in between expanses such as barriers in time, dimensions, elements, energy, space and on earth the barriers in sound.


The definition of a day is the sum of

hours that it takes for earth to spin on its axis in one revolution. Mathematically it has been equated out to be 23.93 hours in all but we have rounded it off to be 24 hours for one day. With other planets like Venus one day is 243 earth days which is longer than the Venusian year of 224 earth days ( 19 days longer ) Within the first two days there are no stars and there is no earth but there is light, darkness and a process of division going on between things and yet there is a day and a night with no earth or sun in sight. We then have to determine how long a day is to the creator of the universe.


This is one of the greatest mysteries of our time since there have been many interpretations of what one God day is, for example its been said that one day with God is a

thousand years and a thousand years is one day. This statement could hold weight if we look at Genesis very carefully because since the creation of the light there has been no earth or sun to calculate a 24 hour period on something simple as a sundial.


Clearly time must be told differently by God seeing that the order in which creation takes place is a bizarre one itself especially if you have

vegetation growing on the third day with no sun in plain sight. According to computer models created by scientist a quantum fluctuation has an afterglow light pattern lasting some 400,000 years, and there is also a gap or seperation in between the light and the first stars called the Dark Ages ( this being a separation between light and darkness ). To support vegetation Earth would have to develope in this afterglow area lasting about 400,000 years in order to support the vegetation that it has on the third day of creation, but unfortunately it didnt.


Instead earth developed in the big bangs expansion area where the

Galaxies, the stars and the planets were formed. Earth actually developed far away from the afterglow of the big bang and it also developed vegetation that grew in darkness if the sun and the moon were not created until the fourth day. This is a paradox in science where one element is supported without the other in a case like the vegetation without the sunlight or the egg before the chicken.


Its not until the fourth day that we see a greater light and a lesser light to govern the day and the night which we then associate with a 24 hour period. One revolution of the earth on its

axis in front of the greater light; being the sun, causes an evening and a morning, to equal one day by our observations from earth but not on another planet. The first two days seem to be an immeasurable amount of time without a planet and a sun to mark the evening and the morning.


In this case both days could have been

trillions of years in the making right before the creation of the sun. The sun would have showed the difference between the evening and the morning over the "sky" that was created on the second day. The sun on the fourth day starts the 24 hour period that covers three days, the fourth, the fifth and the sixth in creation. These three days have life developing inside them at a high speed which incorporates thousands of years of evolution into a 24 hour period for what was created in that day.


After the creation of man on the sixth day there is an indication that life slows down to a normal rate of speed on the seventh day when God rested from creating. The order in that perspective of time would be Day 1 trillions of years, Day 2 trillions of years, Day 3 billions of years, Day 4

millions of years in 24hr period, Day 5 millions of years in 24hr period, Day 6 thousands of years in 24hr period and on Day 7 God had completely rested from all the work that he had made and he blessed it as a Sabbath day making it the seal for the ending of days in one God week.


In the perspective of the creator trillions of years could pass in hours, billions of years in

minutes, millions of years in seconds and thousands of years in micro-seconds according to our rate of telling time, but in the case of the rest period there is an indication that this is a time that refers to something which is eternal or infinite. Earth was created with its inhabitance in four days, the first two days involved no planets, stars, life etc and the last day everything just stops. The sun is also only present in three out of the four days in this one God week and two days are about separating light from darkness and creating the sky while one day is a sacred and holy day.


This one entire week exists in the mind of God as a written, living and spoken language with one day in it being the day that "

Man" was made in the "Image" of "God". Science today doesn't proclaim nor does it deny the existence of God, his image, his mind or his power simply because of a lack of substantial evidence to prove either claim. Evidence to the scientific community is of something tangible which can be rigorously tested and retested in lab experiments to see if the same reoccurring results within each individual test come out to be completely identical.


What scientist need to realize is that a "Man" made in the "Image" of "God" is the "Evidence" which should be the one tested in spiritual experiments to see if the same reoccurring results happen for each test subject under the guidelines of that religion. All spiritual changes and encounters happen within the mind or brain of humans which is still something of a mystery to

neuroscientists today. What we do know is that people who have suffered temporal lobe seizures ( see neurotheology ) ( see God and Temporal lobe doku-pt 1 part 2 ) exhibit certain characteristics associated with spiritual encounters that are commonly seen in the average group of believer in God and spiritual faith.


Neurons within the temporal lobe have their common place located behind our "

Temples"just above our eyes. These are the neurons that are connected to the Amygdala, the emotional center of the brain which receives the existing word of God in an emotional sentence associated with a crown of truth. This eternal truth is to know the existence of God. The crown is known as the "crown of thorns"( worn by Christ to represent the crown of a king ) and it is what sits around the temples in regards to a spiritual encounter ( this being a surge of emotion flowing into the temporal lobe as a language expressed as emotion in the place of words ).


Since the temporal lobe is associated with

sight the emotional words can be seen within the mind of the person receiving the spiritual encounter as something beautiful that lies beyond words seen by just plain sight. There are many areas in the human brain that are associated with just sight itself and these areas work in conjunction with one another to perform a certain task such as seeing.


The neurons in the brain ( see

Do Brains make Minds video ) will be the ones translating what the eyes are seeing and what the other part of the brain is seeing as well. Surprisingly within the design of the universe there is a pattern that matches up to the human brain and the design that we see in the human neural network. Scientist usually refer to space in the heavens as having a series of "branes", these have matter connected to them in the dimension that the branes exists in (see beyond matter video pt 2,3,4). The same "Image" that you see in the universe is the same "Image" that we see in the neurons of the human "brain"( see computer model ).



head of a newborn child is the first thing to form when people are being created in the womb of their mothers on planet earth. This statement is something that Scientist would agree with and would hold it to be true. As a result of the "Big Bang" we see that the explosion or expansion is like the "Birth" of an "Idea" that creates an "Image" (see image of virgin in female anatomy ) in the universe just before that same "Image"is put into the head of "Man". The universe is supposed to represent the "Image" of Gods brane which then trickles its way down in an echo effect to the brain of man.



In noticing similar patterns it's clear to see that the head of the universe is the first thing to form within the womb of space. All sensations and experiences happen within the brain and they are relayed through our neurons which are electrical in nature and therefore have an electromagnetic field. Cosmologist know that what makes up the "Image" seen within the universe has its own electromagnetic fields as well ( right down to the sub-atomic ).


Right now we live within this "Brane" as a living thought in the mind of God, and we were placed on a planet called Earth to live in the universal brane of God, which we can also refer to as the "

Garden of Eden". The brain that we see in the universe fires its celestial neurons in a pattern that is synchronized with solar eruptions or super nova explosions exhibited in stars. Scientist can speed up the time of these events to show that their occurrences light up the celestial network like firecrackers ( see super-cluster diagram ) that surprisingly supports the patterns observed in firing neurons.


Man created in the "Image" and "likeness" of God ( Gen: 1; 26-31 ) would have to be a Chip off the old block because the

APPLE doesnt fall too far from the tree. Living in the mind of God man can only wonder how the brane of the universe communicates with our brains on the inside. Any kind of communication from God would be sure to influence our thoughts and any actions throughout our life. The most logical explanation in this example would have to be communication of a telepathic nature delivered directly into the center of the human brain.


Since our bodies have their own slight electromagnetic field its been discussed in theory by the academic community that our electromagnetic fields could hold the information of that individuals consciousness much like a

magnetic strip does on ATM cards. If this view holds weight then if one were in the presence of a high enough magnetic field which could bypass the skin, cerebrospinal fluid and bone then it could nudge our magnetic fields in a direction that could releases a certain combination of chemicals into our brains. This combination of certain chemicals would push some neurons towards firing and others away from firing until the brains EM field fine tunes the neural pathways toward Gods desired goal.



perceptions and thoughts are based on electrical activity in the human brain and if you mess with the currents then you mess with the way perceptions and thoughts are processed by the brain. Our perceptions and thoughts seem to be connected to an algorithm of specific magnetic pulses that correspond to a given reaction in the human brain. Each magnetic pulse would have its own frequency similar to the keys on a piano in which each pulse plays a different tune or triggers a certain perception (see bioelectromagnetics). There is a pole shift (see Pole Shift video) due by the year 2012 (see 2012 video, pt 2,3) of earths magnetic field in which the positively charged ions of the magnetic field could have an effect on the neurons of the human brain which has also been associated with some sort of ASCENSION due to the magnetite in our brains. This event happens once every 26,000 years (see Maya diagram here ) when the sun makes a complete circle through the zodiacs ending at Aquarius and THIS generation should be the ONE alive to SEE it and to DOCUMENT it when it happens. Scientists today are finding out that the stars in space emit magnetic pulses which are picked up by satellite dishes here on Earth as algorithmic patterns as well. These patterns could be seen as the thoughts of the stars existing within the waves ( see ovum, star and earth diagram ).